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AVSI in Latin America - an overview of AVSI's activities in Latin America, including links with U.S. and other international donors, institutions and corporate supporters.


AVSI in Africa
- an overview of AVSI's activities in Africa, including historical information, links with U.S. and other international donors, and highlight on Uganda.






Publications and Project Documents




Child Protection KAP Survey in Rwandan Refugee Camps - Study carried out by AVSI and InfoAid in collaboration with UNICEF and UNHCR to gather selected baseline information on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of children and duty bearers with regards to child protection in Gihembe, Nyabiheke and Kiziba refugee camps in Rwanda










Growing Together - Project Evaluation for “Education and reduction of poverty
in a low income, suburban, indigenous community” in Oaxaca, Mexico






 UNHCR Book 2010- "Finding Durable Solutions in Northern Uganda"

Interviews related to UNHCR Book 2010: #1 Owiny, #2 Julia, #3 Jenaro


 SPRING Project Report - Stability, Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Uganda


alt WINGS Project Report (end of Year 2)



Womens' Income Generating Support Project, Northern Uganda. An ongoing project implemented by AVSI in Uganda, implemented by AVSI-USA in collaboration with researchers from Innoations for Poverty Action (IPA)


WINGS Final Policy Report



Faces of Hope, Fruits and Flowers of the AVSI OVC project

“Faces of Hope, Fruits and Flowers of the AVSI OVC project”, wants to celebrate the growth brought by five years of project. Thanks to the many private and public supporters of AVSI, along with the contribution of the Government of the United States, through USAID and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), AVSI and her 114 partner organizations have touched the lives of more than 14,000 children and their families in East Africa.

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Do you want to play with me: Didatic games for children's wellbeing

For every child, recovering his normal daily life first of all means going back to school, to his family and to his community. Living his every day life means above all having the chance to play. The importance of play is also recognised by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as an activity of prevention of every kind of exploitation.

The games described in this manual will allow children to strengthen their life-skills at the same time as they will help adults get to know children better and relate with them. The chapters and the included games follow one another and allow for a progressive deepening of relationships and comprehension.


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A Time Between: Moving on from Internal Displacement in Northern Uganda


The Businesses of the Rural Poor: Market Survey of Gulu and Kitgum (Uganda, July 2009)


Educar-se Para Educar

A publication produced in Portuguese in 2001 presents a discussion of education and methodologies of education, drawing from a conference entitled "The Risk of Education" and held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.





Educate every child, in the family, in the community, in the world

A short booklet produced in 2001 in English and Italian which profiles a number of AVSI projects and experiences supporting children in difficult circumstances around the world. Includes chapters on the role of adults as educators and the methodological approach of a caring society.

Education and Employment in Rural Development: Practices from Six Countries

This booklet, published in English, Italian and Spanish, offers an outline of the historical and current global challenges to achieve freedom from hunger and malnutrition and presents the method and the contents of AVSI practices from 6 countries as examples of an integrated approach to face these challenges promoting rural development through education and employment.

Pobreza y Patrimônio: A Comunidade do Planalto II.

Printed in Italian and Portuguese, this volume presents issues of poverty and the inherent human potential that exists even within situations of poverty with an in-depth look at one community in Brazil and the experiences of AVSI there.

The Challenges of HIV/AIDS: Twenty Years of Struggle, Knowledge and Commitment for Action

A booklet produced in 2001 which provides an overview of the challenge of AIDS in Africa, with a specific focus on Uganda, and includes a collection of presentations made at the Meeting of Friendship among Peoples, during a conference entitled, "Has the monster been caged? Twenty years of struggle against HIV/AIDS."

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Stories of Moving on from Displacement in Northern Uganda.

After more than a decade of confinement to crowded camps, in 2006 the Ugandan Government declared the majority of the IDPs free to move out from the camps. The war in Northern Uganda has dragged on for more than two decades though, during which more than 1.1 million people were displaced in the Acholi Sub-Region. The combination of t he large displacement figures, a strong but inefficient local government, fluctuation of the security situation, and difficulties in coordination among humanitarian actors has contributed to the complexity of the return process.

This document examines the transitional period of early 2008 in the North through three stories of people who have experienced displacement and are now moving on in their own ways, and for their own reasons. Each individual’s story is different, but all share the hope for a better future, and for a return of Acholiland to what it is.

Stories of Hope

Success Stories from AVSI's Program for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

In April 2005, AVSI started to implement a four-year
program among the neediest areas of Uganda, Rwandaand Kenya. Building upon past experiences andreplicating best practices, this program, Increased Careand Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Childrenin the Great Lakes Region of East Africa, is givingquality services already to more than 12,000 orphans,vulnerable children (OVC) and their communitiesthrough an operative network of 100 local partners.This program is funded in part by the US President’sEmergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and by private donors through AVSI.

Interview with Archbishop Odama of Gulu, Uganda


"Greater - Defeating AIDS"

Movie about Rose Busingye and Meeting Point International, Kampala

United Nations High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS: Side Event Report


Youth Employment & Corporate Social Responsibility: Arvore da Vida Project in Brazil


Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of AIDS

A Report on AVSI Uganda's methodology and outcomes


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