Program Areas

progarea avsi haiti family smallEducation, Child Development & Family Support

Education is the underlying objective of all AVSI projects. Rather than taking a simple charity approach of handouts or delivering of services, we propose a path of education, continually helping each person to know “reality in all of its factors,” and betting on his or her inherent reason and freedom to respond to the tradition and guidance he or she receives, discovering his or her own constructive creativity.


progareaavsi LibanoFiumesmallAgriculture, Food Security & Water

A comprehensive perspective links agriculture, food security, water and nutrition interventions in a given community, with practical emphasis on strengthening local capacity of small farmers and groups.



progareaWINGS-economicsmallEconomic Strengthening & Employment

Development at any level is impossible without work. At the heart of the matter is the essential nature of work for the human person as the opportunity not only to earn a living, but as an expression of one’s self and a contribution to the common good. AVSI seeks to help families, individuals and groups to build assets and skills that translate into opportunities for dignified work and greater economic stability.


 progareas avsisudsudanbm healthsmallHealth Care & Nutrition

AVSI works to ensure access to basic health care for all children and families, guaranteeing it over the long-term by increasing the availability of quality local providers, and building human resources and management capacity.



progareaAVSI la baia di Ribeira AzulsmallUrban Upgrading

Addressing the growing population of the world living in urban poverty, our upgrading model integrates physical infrastructure rehabilitation and socioeconomic support for the community and its local associations, resulting in a successful participatory approach now being scaled up through multi-lateral partnerships.



progareaBrazil-energy-fridgesmallEnvironment & Energy

Though all projects include evaluations and guidelines to assess and minimize any negative impact on the surrounding natural environment, particular initiatives have been undertaken to monitor or reverse environmental damage in the communities where we are working. Through partnerships with utility companies, AVSI works to increase access to affordable and efficient energy for al in specific informal settings.


 progarea Haiti-tent-schoolsmallEmergency & Post-Conflict Assistance

When crisis strikes, AVSI stays with the communities where it is working to face these challenges, building on an established presence, including strong relationships and familiarity with the context, to help navigate the road from response to long-term recovery.



progareas evalWINGSugandaResearch & Evaluation

Evaluation is one of the necessary tools to translate our experience into knowledge and growth, ensuring that the resources entrusted to us, both human and material, can live up to their full potential. We have observed that this is the result of an educational path, and is documented in by the increasing ability to face reality and to work toward an ideal for their lives.