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AVSI in Peru

Current and Recent Projects

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AVSI In Peru

In 1989 AVSI arrived in Peru working in the education sector in collaboration with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Peru (PUCP) as a period of vast internal immigration and civil violence was changing the face of the country. As AVSI became familiar with Peru and its unique assets and challenges, its work quickly expanded to encompass the northern and eastern sections of Lima where, since the early 1990’s AVSI has worked in the sectors of education, vocational and professional training, small business development, public health and emergency interventions. Following the earthquake of August 2007, AVSI expanded its work south, with targeted interventions in specific areas of Chinca Province.

In the education sector, AVSI has worked to strengthen key educational institutions in the Northern Cone and Eastern Cone areas of Lima. AVSI, in collaboration with Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae (UCSS), has worked with hundreds of school teachers, training them in current teaching methods and revamping school curriculums. It has constructed and begun the operations of two elementary schools. AVSI has also supported hundreds of children through its Distance Support Program (DSP). The program continues today and covers the children’s scholastic expenses while often providing pediatric and psychological examinations, nutrition and sanitary services, and recreational afterschool activities within a supportive framework that promotes the dignity of each child and family. Over the years DSP program has expanded from the Northern Cone area of Lima to include areas of the Eastern and Southern Cone areas.

AVSI’s work in the education sector led to growing awareness of the need for continuing education in the sector of small business development and professional training. In 2001, AVSI collaborated to found and establish a business support center, Centro de Apoyo al Sector Empresarial (CEASE), within the Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae (UCSS).  CEASE is a business development institute that offers training to business people and small business owners covering topics such as business development, finance, logistics and formalization.  CEASE also conducts market research, such as a diagnostic study on the non profit sector in the Northern Cone area, and maintains a job portal to connect perspective employees with employers. The work of CEASE is complemented by the work of Centro de Servicios Educativos (CESED), also maintained within UCSS. CESED focuses on teachers, educators and university students studying education, with training and consultancies in addition to services such as a library, educational material, ICT support, cultural activities, and research.   25 local schools are involved with CESED.

Training and formation in the agricultural sector began with a program in 2011 to help 457 coffee and cocoa producers in the poor rural area of Bagua and Utcubamba Provinces in the Amazonas Region. AVSI uses previous experience in offering agricultural and agro-industrial formation and support to teach men and women to use new technologies to improve the quality of coffee and cocoa while lowering production costs. The beneficiaries, all members of the regional cooperative CEPROAA, are also engaged in opportunities to form networks and make connections with buyers and sellers, including the CEPICAFE cooperative, in order to ultimately compete in the international market.

AVSI first began emergency interventions in Peru in 1991 following the cholera epidemic in Tablada de Lurin (Lima).  Financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AVSI designed and implemented a program aimed at meeting the most imminent needs of the population while working to prevent future outbreaks.  Following the August 2007 earthquake that hit the central cost of the country, AVSI completed a series of emergency interventions in Chincha (Ica region) including activities such provision of basic food supply for 1,100 families in Ica immediately after the earthquake, living condition improvement (house repairs and distribution of construction kits), psychological support, academic support, and provision of school materials. In Chincha Province post emergency, AVSI conducted a three year project supporting the reconstruction process including interventions in favor of education, clean water supply, health and sanitation and proper sewage processing.

AVSI in Peru has worked and continues to work in collaboration with a variety of local and international institutions including CESAL (AVSI network partner), and Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae (UCSS) and has received project funding from the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fondo Italo Peruano (FIP) among others.

Current and Recent Projects

Promoting Competitivity of Coffee and Cocoa Producers in Bagua and Utcubamba Provinces

Location: Bagua and Utcubamba Provinces of Amazonas Region

Duration: 2010-2012

Description: Boost competitiveness of 457 coffee and cocoa producers of CEPROAA cooperative in Bagua and Utcubamba Provinces to aid entry into foreign market. Courses and ongoing training in new production technologies to improve quality and lower market prices of crops, and development of coffee and cocoa derivative products. Strengthening networks among farmers, building ties with cooperatives and buyers in international market, fostering entrepreneurship and solidifying business practices among men and women in agriculture and agro-industry

Donor Partners: Fondo Italo Peruano (FIP)

Distance Support Program

Location: Lima, Northern Cone and Eastern Cone (Huachipa, Lomas, Tablada de Lurin)

Duration: 1989 - Present

Description: Long term support to almost 500 children, improving the conditions for psychosocial and academic progress, while strengthening the capacity of the children’s families, caretakers and local organizations to respond to their needs. Fulfillment of school requirements (uniforms, books, fees etc), organization of after school recreation and educational activities, and creation of programs designed to improve the economic status of the child’s family through training and support to parents.

Donor Partners: Private donors

Reconstructing Together

Location:Grocio Prado, Pueblo Nuevo (Chincha Province)

Duration: 2009-2011

Description: Jumpstart local development in Chincha Province by reinforcing and strengthening the capacity of local organizations to increase opportunities and access to quality services and break down barriers that impede basic human rights.  Focus on education, teacher training and school management.

Donor Partners: Fondo Italo Peruano (FIP), Universidad Catolica Sedes Sapientiae

Implementing Partners: CESED

Urban Poverty Reduction

Location: Cono Este area of Lima (Huachipa)

Duration: 2009-2012

Description: Improve social-economic conditions for youth an young parents – educational activities, academic reinforcement, family support; provide small animal husbandry courses; professional training; job placement for 400 youth; business courses for 200 small businesses; strengthen business structures in tourism and textile sectors to create more jobs for youth.

Donor Partners: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Implementing Partners: CESAL, UCSS

Evaluation of the training sector and development of micro, small and medium sized businesses in the Northern Cone of Lima

Location: Grocio Prado, Pueblo Nuevo (Chincha Province)

Duration: 2006-2008

Description: Support the growth of UCSS Service centers.  Through these centers, create synergetic networks with the capacity to both support the work of small businesses, offering the tools they need to improve and succeed independently, and evaluate education services offering training and support to improve school curriculums, education content and information resources while improving management.  Training provided to 400 micro and small businesses, 100 medium sized businesses.  Courses in finance, computer use, management, logistics, and accounting among others.

Donor Partners: Fondo Italo Peruano (FIP)

Implementing Partners: UCSS

Post emergency reconstruction

Location: Grocio Prado, Pueblo Nuevo (Chincha Province)

Duration: 2008-2010

Description: Reconstruct health infrastructure in Grocio Prado, improve water supply in Grocio Prado and Pueblo Nuevo, reconstruct two schools in Grocio Prado and Pueblo Nuevo, counteract the spread of infectious diseases through rodent and pest extermination campaign and sanitation campaign, recreational activities promoting health and health environment in coordination with public schools and community organizations, implement pilot sewage disposal project.

Donor Partners: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Towards Reconstruction

Location: Grocio Prado (Chincha Provice)

Duration: 2007-2008

Description: Improve quality of life in Grocio Prado (Chinca) in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Install 195 cement floors, provide 30 construction kits, and provide academic reinforcement, psychological support, educational activities and academic materials for 150 children

Donor Partners: Province of Trent (Italy), Lombardy Region, Rimini City, EDUS, COR UNUM

Additional Information

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