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Meet Crecemos-DIJO in Oaxaca, Mexico

Crecemos-DIJO, an AVSI-Network local partner, is a community organization that runs activities in four centers in poor neighborhoods around the city of Oaxaca (southern Mexico). After-school programs include remedial lessons, recreation, arts and sports that provide crucial support to children along their personal and educational paths.

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Origin and History

Crecemos-DIJO  (Originally Desarrollo Integral de la Juventud Oaxaqueña is a non-governmental association which is part of the AVSI international network. Since 1993, Crecemos has developed programs directed towards the education of children, youth and families in and around the city of Oaxaca. The main objective of the organization is to support the full development of children, youth and their families living in situations of poverty and marginalization. Crecemos offers services in the fields of education, nutrition and health, sports education, psychological counseling and economic strengthening.

Mexico-Crecemos-logo-Crecemos-website120x160Crecemos tackles many problems regarding the education of young people. These problems grow out of an environment marked by the vulnerability of the child, adolescent, and youth.  While offering counseling and tutoring to children in need, DIJO builds on these children's strengths and also addresses the sources of their problems by involving parents and teachers, and by reinforcing the relationships that form the basis of the social, intellectual and affective development of the child.

Program Areas and Activities

Crecemos provides these services through five educational centers, three of which are operated by Crecemos:


  • Referrals and follow-up of cases requiring emergency medical attention and specialized care
  • Providing complementary food resources to the needy populations (relying on donations)
  • Promoting preventive health measures
  • Promoting good hygiene practices


  • Remedial academic support for children without access to school or in risk of dropping out
  • Psycho-educational care, in particular for children with learning disabilities and behavioral problems, as well as for those children with socialization difficulties or victims of domestic violence
  • Extra-curricular activities including recreation, culture and sports.
  • Computer courses for children and adolescents.


  • Through community educators, DIJO carries out home visits with the objective of understanding the socio-economic dynamics of the communities and to detect problems requiring immediate attention
  • Training of adults in productive activities and commercialization to improve their quality of life.
  • Psychological care and therapy for parents on an as-needed basis.

The hope is that activities carried out directly with the children will contribute to overall family well-being.


  • DIJO provides breakfast daily to more than 150 children in the community kitchen called, “La Compañía”, where nutritious, balanced meals are prepared with the support of a volunteer nutritionist. The menus are planned to ensure children’s optimal growth.
  • Training in the nutritional needs of children and in food preparation is offered for the mothers of beneficiaries.
  • Regular assessment of weight and height measures of the children is carried out for all children.  It is done more frequently in cases of under or over weight children.

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