Opportunity : A Unique Giving Program to Share in the Adventure of Life


OPPORTUNITY is an initiative of AVSI-USA to link donors from the U.S. with the projects that AVSI supports

around the world. Through Opportunity, Donors participate in the "adventure of life" as being lived out in

circumstances far different from ones own.


Donors are asked to make a long-term committment to one of our exceptional institutions. Each is a trusted

partner of AVSI and deeply embedded in the local community. Donors become "Friends", "Partners" or

"Advocates" of the organizations along their path of service and growth.


Currently, Opportunity is focusing its attention on rasing support and awareness for Crecemos, a community

organization in the AVSI network that accompanies over 600 children and 400 mothers through comprehensive programs

in nutrition, education, sports and personal development in the poorest neighborhoods of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Support Crecemos Today!Mexico Crecemos Opp flyer170x220


Just click on the Registration Form linked below, and select:

 $100 a year as a Friend

$250 a year as a Partner

$500 or more a year as an Advocate 


Registration Form


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Payments can be made:


  • Online by credit card through Paypal

-Monthly, by automatic recurring payment

-Annually, with a reminder each year

  • By check to AVSI-USA

- Monthly by asking your bank to set up a payment plan

- Annually, with a reminder each year


To print and mail a registration form, click here


Mexico: Crecemos in Oaxaca

Children at Monte Alban's Comedor
Crecemos is a community organization that runs activities in five centers in poor neighborhoods around the city of Oaxaca in central Mexico. After-school programs including remedial lessons, recreation, arts and sports provide crucial support to

children along their personal and educational paths.

A contribution to Crecemos will ensure children and pregnant mothers access to regular, nutritious meals through the expansion of community kitchens. For more information about Crecemos see its website: http://www.crecemos.org.mx/

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