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Latin America

In 2011, AVSI is working with community organizations, non-profit service providers, educational institutions, businesses and local governments in 10 countries across the region. The range of projects and activities with which AVSI is involved in providing support and guidance reflects the AVSI methodology in practice. The method of taking serious the persion in his/her entirety has implied that AVSI does not operate with a pre-determined agenda for project design and implmentation. Instead, AVSI's country programs in Latin America are shaped by the needs and desires fo the communities themselves, taking into consideration the available resources, namely the organizations which have emerged as protagonists of local development.


Overiew of AVSI in Latin America:

The following programs are associated with Latin America:


Agriculture and Environment

  • Environmental development projects such as hydro-geological improvements, climate observations, and reforestation as well as improvements of water-supply networks.

    Argentina, Brazil

  • The establishment of sustainable support centers or cooperatives by farmers and cattle raisers to provide training and technical assistance and to improve marketing and reduce production costs.

    Argentina, Brazil, Haiti


Education, Child Development and Family Support

  • Educational support for children in distressed conditions, with limited access to school, and those at risk of dropping out of school.

    Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela

  • Foster/ host families and community daycare centers for abandoned and street children, children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and conflict, war-traumatized children and other at-risk children.

    Argentina, Brazil, Haiti

  • Social reintegration of children with personality disorders, learning and socialization impairments, and those living with HIV/AIDS, and for former juvenile prisoners.

    Mexico, Paraguay

  • Support for higher educational institutions

    Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru

  • Support for schools and educators at the primary and secondary levels.



Emergency Assistance

  • Short-term interventions which often grow into projects of disaster preparedness and prevention capacity.

    Argentina, Venezuela


Health Care and Prevention

  • Strengthening basic health services through increased provision, accessibility and prevention, including rehabilitation of existing hospitals and other health-related facilities.

    Brazil, Paraguay


Urban Upgrading

  • Creation of and increased accessibility to basic health and education services, including nursery, primary and secondary schools, recreational centers, and health centers.


  • Planning and implementation of physical infrastructure improvements at the community level, including housing rehabilitation, together with support for formal property rights.

    Brazil, Mexico


Vocational Training and Business Development

  • Assistance for new and small businesses through micro credit, technical assistance.

    Argentina, Brazil, Peru

  • Creation and support of vocational training centers for basic skills training, technical qualification and upgrading (for physiotherapists, farmers, etc), internships with businesses, on-the-job training, post-graduation and specialization courses and refresher courses for trainees.

    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru