Education for Children with Special Vulnerabilities or Outside Family Care

OVC Rwanda


The children who, due to a variety of difficult circumstances, are the most marginalized by society and furthest outside the reach of educational structures, are also those in most need of a path that is tailored to their specific needs.

Through years of experience, AVSI has developed programs that offer education and social reintegration through support services provided by community based organizations, recognizing that every child has an infinite value.


A.  Highly vulnerable children (including OVC and children affected by HIV/AIDS)

Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda

B.  Promoting inclusion of all learners, including those with socialization and learning impairments or disabilities, personality disorders, marginalized and ethnic minorities, and former juvenile prisoners.

Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Palestine, Paraguay, RomaniaUganda

C.  Specific support for children outside of family care and single, young mothers, through foster families and homes for abandoned or street children.

Brazil, HaitiKosovo, Lithuania, Romania, Russian Federation, RwandaSierra Leone, Uganda

AVSI Resources on Education for Children with Special Vulnerabilities