Access to formal education

school in SudanAiming to give each person, especially girls and those living in distressed conditions, access to education, AVSI provides educational support, scholarships or school block grants to benefit youth and their families.

Provision of such support is always paired with ongoing activities encouraging the participation of parents and guardians to ensure that they are the protagonists of the education of their children. Where necessary, we invest in infrastructural improvements to make sure the children of the community will have a safe and welcoming environment for generations to come.


A. Early childhood education: support of networks of nursery schools or home-based preschool initiatives integrated with practical training and family support groups to help parents understand comprehensive child development.

Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico


B.  Primary and secondary education: support to public and private schools, with special attention to facilitating private schools which reflect the initiative of civil society as an actor in providing education, and to links favoring the transition from primary to secondary school.

Albania, Angola, Brazil, Burundi, Ecuador, Jordan, KenyaKazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela

C.   Tertiary education: creating links between community members and post-secondary education institutions, including universities.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru