Education, Child Development and Family Support

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Education is the underlying objective of all AVSI projects, and about 70% of all AVSI’s projects globally are focused on the area of social development and education. These activities include early childhood education and development, primary and secondary education, non-formal education, educational quality interventions, strengthening of civil society organizations, schools and solidarity networks, and special attention to people with disabilities.

Overall, AVSI reaches around 90,000 children per year and their families through its educational projects. We are motivated by the need to provide education for all, but the scope of our activities goes beyond formal education to include the all-around development of children and their families.

Alone, no one grows

AVSI’s perspective on education includes a firm commitment to the role of adults in the lives of children. All of these projects seek to involve children's families, who, although often disrupted or broken, have an evident need for solidarity. In most cases, parents regain an awareness of and confidence in their roles and responsibilities towards the growth and education of their children.

Empowering to sustain

Projects are designed to facilitate the involvement of all stakeholders in the school community, so they may regain or deepen the value of the educative task, and so that ultimately schools can become a positive force for the development of a people. This is the first step towards genuine quality of an educational environment since it enables a school community to take full advantage of the resources it has at its disposal.

AVSI Resources on Education, Child Development and Family Support

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  • Educar-se Para Educar (Portuguese)

    A publication produced in Portuguese in 2001 presents a discussion of education and methodologies of education, drawing from a conference entitled "The Risk of Education" and held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

  • Educate every child, in the family, in the community, in the world (Itascabili 2)

    A short booklet produced in 2001 in English and Italian which profiles a number of AVSI projects and experiences supporting children in difficult circumstances around the world. Includes chapters on the role of adults as educators and the methodological approach of a caring society.

  • The Value of the Person

    Introductory training module for teachers, parents, social workers and other educators. Provides main principles to communicate irreducible value of the person with suggested readings.

  • The Risk of Education: Basic Training Manual

    This manual outlines a training course for teahers, parents, social workers and other educators, consisting in 5 lessons and one follow-up segment. It has been used for thousands of educators in contexts in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. To download the manual in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or French, see here.

  • The Helping Process: Training Manual for Social Workers (2012)

    This training module reflects the years of experience of AVSI trainers and social workers in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, and is meant to be a useful instrument for professionals working with families of vulnerable children. It provides a working method, based on AVSI's attention to adequately take into account the value of human being as well as his/her relationships, and introduces a practical vision, which is as scientifically rigorous as possible.