True Poverty: There I Discovered Something About Myself


An exhibition on display at 2014's Rimini Meeting in Italy will tell of AVSI's experience on the periphery in three stops–Kenya, Ecuador, and Brazil. We are in search of what poverty really is and of what it takes for a person to be born again. A special guest who will help curate the exhibit offers us his testimony.

What, really, is poverty? We believe we know. We believe it’s a simple question. We may not always accept that the solution is straightforward, but still we think we know approximately where it lies. We may differ in the details: some of us talk about redistribution of resources, others about making markets more efficient and responsive. Yet, frequently such prescriptions appear to make things worse when applied. We give of our own wealth, out of sundry motives, and hope that it will be enough. But it is never enough. So we give more, and still it is not sufficient...



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