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In the News: AVSI's WINGS Program Mentioned in the New York Times

WINGSBlatmann 260x190 063014In Columbia Professor Christopher Blattman's recent Op-Ed column titled "Let them Eat Cash" published on June 26th in the New York Times, he discusses the often controversial role that cash transfer programs can play in the targeted reduction of poverty both at home and abroad. Of the many programs that Blattman references in his well-researched defense of these programs, he mentions several that he and his team have closely monitored and evaluated within Uganda. One of those programs is the WINGS program, implemented by AVSI. The program packaged small grants of $150 with 5 days of business classes for 900 women in post-conflict zones of Northern Uganda. As Blattman explains in his article, after only 18 months, the women that particpated in the prorgam had twice the income of the women that were part of the control group and that did not attend classes or receive a cash transfer. Blattmann's conclusion? "The poor don't waste grants." Most of our worries about "hand-outs" only encouraging idleness or further entrenching behaviors that serve to promote poverty are instead the result of a certain amount of unhealthy skepticism, sometimes justified, that should be challenged. 


To read Blattman's article in full, click here

To read more about AVSI's WINGS program in Uganda, see the following websiteEnterprises for Ultra-poor Women After War:The WINGS Program in Northern Uganda