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EU and AVSI Team-up with Crecemos to Improve Education in Oaxaca, Mexico

AVSIEUCrecemos Soco 260x190 051214For some time now, the state of Oaxaca, Mexico has been struggling to improve its educational system. Thanks to a project co-funded by the European Union and the hard work of Crecemos, AVSI has continued to implement initiatives that are helping to achieve that goal.

Alfonso is the youngest of 5. His mother doesn’t have the luxury of taking a break and spends almost the entire day working in order to support her family. She is hardly ever at home and her children have had to learn to fend for themselves. Alfonso's brothers and sisters look after him. Like most Mexican youth he loves soccer and, when he kicks the ball around with his friends, a smile appears on his face that seems big enough to erase all his difficulties and worries. However, once he leaves the field it's clear that his anxieties remain. Alfonso struggles when he is asked to adapt to structured environments. It isn’t easy for him to focus on his school work and he has a difficult time socializing. He finds it hard to participate in groups and he can’t seem to follow the rules.


Thanks to a project co-funded by the European Union, AVSI has been able to expand and improve a number of its initiatives supporting students in Oaxaca, Mexico. Through the education and nutrition centers operated by its partner organization Crecemos, AVSI has steadily reduced the negative effects of the poor educational system in the area. Programs offered at the centers have helped students increase their attention spans and improve their grades through tutoring and target interventions addressing malnutrition. The core activities of its current project with the EU are geared toward increasing the involvement of educators, teachers and parents in helping to improve and better define the current education policies in Oaxaca. Parents are asked to participate in the education and nutrition of their children at the centers, often working in the kitchen to prepare the food themselves or helping out with other activities.  


One of the most crucial aspects of the project is its focus on teaching methods. Parents and teachers at the education centers workAVSIEUCrecemos CentroMG 260x190 051214 together in the development of the educational tools and topics, paying special attention to the social inclusion of the children and starting from the needs of the mothers, children and families within the community. Innovative teaching methods used at the centers put the person at the centre of every educational process and attempt to consider each student in their entirety.


A few months ago, Alfonso joined one of the education centers managed by AVSI and Crecemos in Oaxaca. From that moment on, his grades improved, he began to participate more actively in class and he has started to play more peacefully with his classmates. Alfonso is not alone. A number of children at the centers, like Dulce, Lisander, and Carlos, have improved their school performance and expanded their horizons thanks to AVSI’s support. And Alfonso’s mother? She has been able to take a more active role in her children’s education and general welfare thanks to the programs she participates in with her children at the centers as well. 


Words from the executive director of Crecemos, Socorro del Rio


"Our ultimate goal is to help our children attend university and graduate with a horizon and set of expectations that are far broader than those they would otherwise be accustomed to having for their own lives."  


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