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Update: The desire to educate and to be educated remains
Friday, 08 November 2013 15:02

#10forSyria Campaign Syria-School-November-10SyriaCampaignThe huge smile that refuses to hide behind the young woman’s veil belongs to Abou, a 7–year-old Syrian boy who has spent the past two years of his young life living in an informal tent settlement in the south of Lebanon. Abou may have lost his home, his friends and his toys, but today he’s found an important reason to be happy. He just found out that he will get to continue taking reading classes with the other refugee children.  

It was only nine months ago that his mother told him, “one day you’ll be able to go back to school and practice your writing again.” Immediately Abou turned around, his face as serious the question he was about to ask, “Do you promise?” 

In the tent next to Abou’s sits Sajed, his blue notebook pressed tight against his chest. “He never lets it out of his sight” says his mother, “and he never misses a chance to use it during his reading classes.” Sajed would much rather be having fun at school than hanging around the makeshift tents battered by dust at the refugee camp all day. He is one of 523 children that currently attend the remedial courses offered through the Accelerated Learning Program run by AVSI in cooperation with UNICEF.

AVSI Lebanon and UNICEF have worked together for the past 9 months on an emergency support program for the education and protection of children in southern Lebanon. Their efforts have reached over 2,000 Syrian and Lebanese children through formal and informal education activities, post-trauma counseling services, and trainings for nearly 75 teachers and educators.

Thanks to the support received through the #10forSyria donor campaign, we are now beginning a project that will  bring our remedial literacy courses to children in the Ouazzani refugee camp in southeastern Lebanon.

With many passionate teachers standing by, your help can bring them the resources they need to begin their vital work.Donate Now Syria png

Support 10for Syria and donate 10 dollars to our brothers and sisters in the refugee camps of Lebanon. 10 dollars will afford one of the following:

-          A school kit that includes books, pens, and notebooks

-          12 liters of fuel to heat the school

-          Helps cover a portion of the costs associated with the school bus

-          2 hours of tutoring for a Syrian child 


You can also donate by check to AVSI-USA, 529 14th St. NW, Suite 994, Washington DC 20045, specifying “Syria” as reason for donation.


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Join AVSI in 10forSyria, make sure Syrian families are not abandoned