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A New Place for Teachers, Students to Learn and Work Together in Kenya

Kenya Nairobi ceremony multi 190x260In Nairobi, Kenya, a new multipurpose center will be constructed as a point of reference for the community surrounding two schools supported by AVSI. On November 17, a ceremony was held for the laying of the cornerstone.

The new building will be adjacent to Urafiki elementary school and the secondary Cardinal Maurice Otunga School, and will contain an auditorium with 400 seats, a kitchen, and a large covered terrace for outdoor events. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is co-financing the project, and the guest of honor at the ceremony was Paola Imperiale, Italian Ambassador in Nairobi. The remaining funding will come from private donors and local associations.

On the same site, the Icarus Resource Centre has been active for two years to promote the quality of education—especially of teaching—in the area. Adding the new facility to the existing computer lab and library available for teachers will provide a space for wider professional development courses for educators, including those from many schools where AVSI has a relationship through its Distance Support Program.Kenya Nairobi ceremony multi students

The center will also be a point of reference for students, including recreational and supplemental education activities which draw together around 600 high schools students from all over northern Nairobi. Last but not least, the new center will also provide much-needed space as a lunchroom for the 240 primary students from Urafiki school and 150 high schools students and teachers from Cardinal Otunga School.


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