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Rebirth of the Human in Haiti - 1 Year Report

Over the past year, AVSI has received important support from the Italian government, the European Commission, the World Food Program, UNICEF, the UN Mission in Haiti, OCHA, and many private donors from around the world including hundreds of donors in North America. AVSI has responded to immediate needs including shelter, protection, health, and nutrition, with a particular focus on women and children. Now in the reconstruction phase, AVSI’s community reintegration and development approach touches upon the main areas of need of each community with great attention to the education and well-being of children and infants. A firm foundation for a long-term response is being built through school rehabilitation and the construction of a new educational and social support center in Cité Soleil. AVSI’s achievements can be noted not only in the number of beneficiaries assisted and schools built, but also in indicators such as the reduction of malnutrition to pre-earthquake levels and the low levels of unaccompanied children in the neighborhoods where AVSI is present.

Download as PDF: 1 Year Report

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Funds Raised by AVSI globally: over $9 million USD, including over $4 million USD from private donations from many countries

Funds Raised by AVSI-USA: over $50,000 USD

Personnel: 34 foreign staff (5 on long-term missions, 10 on short-term missions, and 19 doctors and nurses on a rotating basis), and 250 local staff

Beneficiaries Reached: 45,000 (31,000 in Port-au-Prince, and 14,000 in Les Cayes)

Geographic Areas of Intervention: Port-au-Prince neighborhoods of Cité Soleil, Martissant, Warf Jeremie, Cité Militaire; Les Cayes

Emergency Response

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, AVSI has been providing emergency response and assistance in temporary shelter, and support for family reintegration of unaccompanied children.

  • 12,425 plastic sheets, 300 multi-family tents, 20 tents for community activities, 500 kits for rubble removal were distributed.
  • 300 cots, mattresses, sheets, blankets and towels for around 6,000 families, 1,000 family hygiene kits, 1,800 family cooking kits were distributed.
  • Clothes and shoes for 4,800 children were distributed.


On February 4, 2010, schools opened within the camps; 5,000 children finished the school year in tent schools run by AVSI

  • One school for 200 children built out of wood; 3 large schools for 1,000 children renovated
  • 4 schools with semi-permanent structures built; 8 schools currently under reconstruction
  • New community social and educational center under construction in Cité Soleil


From January to December, around 2 million liters of water were distributed to people living in tents.

Maternal-Infant Health and Nutrition

Malnutrition levels have been significantly reduced, now at levels equivalent or below those from before the earthquake, reflecting an important contribution to the protection of children.

  • 12 mobile health centers for maternal and infant health and nutrition have been created and managed; 10,000 children and 5,000 pregnant women have been attended
  • 120,000 doses of medication, above all antibiotics, have been delivered, via 11,000 medical visits
  • Thanks to the food provided through the partnership with UNICEF and World Food Program (WFP), AVSI has supported 21,264 people in Port-au-Prince with food: 749 children with severe malnutrition and 4,435 children with moderate malnutrition treated.
  • 182 tons of food with special nutritional value for high caloric and protein content in distribution; 650 tons of enriched flour, oil and sugar distributed through weekly meetings with mothers with children under 5 years and pregnant and breastfeeding women; 36,432 doses of fortified milk for orphaned children and non-breastfeeding mothers
Cholera Response

From the first cases of cholera in Haiti, AVSI has carried out the following activities.

  • Awareness raising campaign on prevention and hygiene, reaching 100,000 people
  • Increased supply of clean drinking water in communities and at health centers
  • Preventative chlorination of water sources and distribution channels managed by AVSI
  • Opening of 4 first aid and oral rehydration points within mobile health centers
  • Support to health centers with medical staff and medicine

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