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At the Root of Development: the Human Factor

altAVSI-USA encourages U.S. participation in the international AVSI network’s annual ‘tents’ campaign, with a particular emphasis this year on Dadaab refugee camp and schools in Egypt. Through this yearly initiative, over 12,000 friends and supporters help to sustain AVSI’s development projects, but more importantly they aim to raise awareness among their own friends and communities through booths, talks at schools or churches, concerts and through new ways that are discovered each year.

As is highlighted in this year’s theme, these friends help each other to learn that the human person is at the heart of any change, and that life is defined first by charity, both receiving and giving, which is stronger than any individualistic self-interest.

For this year’s campaign, funds will go to the following projects we have identified in need of support:

EGYPT Support to Patriarchate Schools and Teacher Training At the request of the Coptic Catholic Patriarch Cardinal Antonios Naguib, AVSI will help sustain the Patriarchate schools in Alexandria and in Minya. Projects will involve students as well as teachers and parents to benefit ‘at risk’ children in difficult contexts.

HORN of AFRICA  Even During the Famine, the Emergency is Education In Eastern Africa, 11 million people are suffering the worst drought and famine in 20 years. In response, additional support is needed for AVSI’s work in Dadaab, Kenya, where it has been training teachers and forming schools for Somali refugees since 2009.

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At the root of development: the importance of the human factor.”

"For an international cooperation development project to be successful it is necessary to rediscover in oneself that desire to build and to improve one's own condition, and to educate the potential for each person to become a leading actor in the process of development...Only within a relationship among persons set into action by ideals which respect every human dimension, who count on the responsibility of those they meet (risking that they will commit) and who accompany them on an educational path, can one help the growth of human subjects who are responsible protagonists.”

-Giorgio Vittadini (Preface to the book “At the Root of Development: the Importance of the Human Factor" [original title: "Alla radice dello sviluppo: l’importanza del fattore umano."] by G.Berloffa, G.Folloni. I.Schnyder; v.W. Guerini e Associati, Milano 2010)