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AVSI Supported School in Sierra Leone is 2nd Best in Country

AVSI is proud to announce that its partner organization in Sierra Leone, Holy Family School, was recognized as being the second best secondary school in the entire country, measured in terms of promotion rates of high school seniors. This achievement has been due to the extraordinary leadership of the local organization Family Homes Movement, the teachers and administration of the school, and the many AVSI donors who have contributed to scholarships of a large percentage of the student body.


Another successful exam for the Holy Family School


After the good results of the Primary Schools NPSCE examination where the promotion rate was of 100%, the Senior Secondary School achieved one of the best results in the country for the final exam retaining its standard of high quality education.


This year the WASSCE (Bachelor Exam) was held for the first time in the Holy Family Senior Secondary School. It is the first time young men and women take the exam that defines their lives and allows them to continue their educational aspirations. There were 86 candidates who took this leap forward, but only 59 got sufficient credits and grades to be able to pursue their dreams of accessing the university. Nonetheless although not all of them were able to pass, the Holy Family Senior Secondary School got the second place at the national level for the rate of promotion of the exam out of 135 senior secondary schools that participated according to the Sierra Leone Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The people that stood behind the graduates, the partners of AVSI in Sierra Leone, Family Homes Movement the teachers of Holy Family School who encouraged, educated and formed the future generation of Sierra Leoneans, the parents and guardians who despite hardships supported their children in this endeavor, are proud of the result attained and know that without the support of the hundreds of donor families none of this could have been possible. With this result the Holy Family School confirmed its place as one of the top educational institutions in Sierra Leone, being a benchmark for quality education throughout West Africa.