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Argentinean Cattle Producers Succeed in the International Market
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 17:25

Only six months remain until the conclusion of the project "Sustainable rural development in the El Chaco and the Pampas," funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented in collaboration with AVSI network partner ACDI ( The three year project spanned three provinces (Entre Ríos, Corrientes and Chaco)  in the pampas of Argentina and worked to improve profitability, productivity, quality of production processes and competitiveness of small and medium livestock producers by promoting the integration of Argentinean producers in the international beef market.  The project has brought significant results to each of the nearly 80 producers involved in the program.   As a culminating testimony to project success, in March, recognizing that the farmers’ beef met European standards of food safety, health, tracking and marketing, the National Government of Argentina granted each of the three cooperatives established by the project consortium part of the Hilton Quota, a market share in Argentina’s beef export quota to the European Union (known as the Hilton Quota).

The leading cooperative, in the Province of Entre Rios (north or Buenos Aires), is Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Carne de Entre Rios, better known as the Consortium of Montiel (  The Consortium of Montiel was granted an export quota of 33 tons of meat to be exported annually to Europe. Of particular note in this expanding Consortium, currently formed by 35 manufacturers and over 30,000 heads of cattle, is their Quality Control System, implemented as a form of internal regulation that ensures the standards necessary to distinguish their high quality meat, even in the most demanding markets.

For many decades the Province of Entre Rios has maintained a strong tradition of animal husbandry, due in part to abundant pasture lands.  This tradition has led to high quality cattle, though until now the Province had never witnessed the birth and development of an autonomous cooperative of exporters capable of earning part of the Hilton Quota.

In the Province of Corrientes, 20 producers collaborated to form the Ganadero Consorcio de Corrientes, which, allied with an exporting company, was allotted 30 tons of the Hilton Quota.   The consortium counts more than 20,000 heads of cattle and is reinforcing the experience of its members by participating in a productive, commercial alliance in international markets with the objective of creating their own company.  The experience was important even for the Government of Corrientes, which assisted this first and only group of producers in the province with part of the Hilton Quota and showed immediate interest in the farmers and the two NGO’s involved in the project.

Although producers in Chaco Province are mainly devoted to the domestic meat market, the Consorcio Ganadero Chaqueño counting 20 producers and 15,000 heads of cattle expanded its profile to include exports and was granted 40 tons of the Hilton Quota.   

The development of each of these three associations would have been impossible without the assistance of the Consortium PROGAN ( which from the outset has not only lent itself as model for the participating consortiums, having already gained recognition and respect in Argentina following the conclusion of a previous AVSI pilot project (2002-2005) in the province of Santa Fe, but has also contributed its experience in international business and provided technical training for each of the farmers involved in the project.

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