“Pasta for Haiti” One couple’s creative response to the earthquake in Haiti
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 14:08

When the disastrous 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti in January, killing hundreds of thousands of people and leaving countless others injured, homeless, and destitute many of us asked ourselves “what can I do to do help?”  Stefano and Sarah Ferrari, of Bedford, Pennsylvania decided to do what they do best: make pasta.  The owners and managers of LIFeSTYLE Living Italian Food and Style, an Italian food and style shop and restaurant  in downtown Bedford, Stefano and Sarah initiated “Pasta for Haiti,” a ravioli fundraiser.  Already highly knowledgeable in ravioli preparing techniques, their plan was to make the ravioli and sell them, donating all of their profits to benefit the victims of the tragedy in Haiti.  Inspired by their initiative, the community rallied around them; more than 50 volunteers signed up to help make the ravioli and local businesses in Bedford joined the effort, donating meat and eggs for the ravioli filling and lunches for the volunteers.  To the volunteers’ great delight, the orders poured in for the ravioli.  To fill all of the orders, the ravioli making teams worked enthusiastically for a week; volunteers were organized in shifts so that all could participate without overcrowding the kitchen.  Together, Stefano, Sarah and the other “Pasta for Haiti” volunteers made over 200 pounds of ravioli.  Accompanied by recipe ideas and sold at $16.50, most of the profits from the ravioli making went to support AVSI’s team in Haiti for a total amount of almost $4,000.00.