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Update: Haiti Emergency Relief Plan of Action
Friday, 29 January 2010 00:00

January 29, 2010

Update of AVSI assessment and intervention in the aftermath of the quake in Haiti.

Interventions and assessment: Immediately since after the quake, AVSI’s team has been working in Cite Soleil and Martissant (Port-au-Prince), rescuing people from collapsed buildings, transporting victims to the nearest hospitals, taking care of orphans and/or abandoned children.


Port-au-Prince, neighborhood of Cite Soleil: temporary camp “Place Firte” (1,800 people), “Bas Fontaine” (400 people), provisional camp (200 people)

Port-au-Prince, neighborhood of Martissant: temporary camp (1,350)

In addition to providing shelther, AVSI has procured (largely through Domincan Republic) and distributed non-food-items (sanitation kits, jerrycans, plastic sheets, mattresses) and water.

A consistent number of people (injured, displaced persons) has been reported moving towards Les Cayes (south) and the security situation is getting worse: on the 19th of January 2010, there was a prison uprising close to AVSI ‘s main office. Several prisoners have escaped.


In addition to providing emergency first aid, referrals and transportation to clincs and hospitals, AVSI received two doctors, a surgeon and a peditrician, who have re-opened the Scalambrini Missionary hospital in Tabarre. Almost immediately the hospital grounds were flooded with people needing care.


Protection to orphans or abandoned children, as well as pregnant women, is AVSI's top priority. An additional tent was added to the temporary shelters in Port-au-Prince with the focus of recreational and educational activities for children.

Operational capacity and coordination: AVSI is present in Port-au-Prince, with 2 expatriates and 80 nationals.  The AVSI headquarter is in Petion Ville. It has not been affected by the quake, and is going to be re-opened in the next few days. A temporary office has been set up in Tabarre. Another office is situated in  Les Cayes with 2 other expatriates and 100 nationals. Another expatriate, a logistician, is temporarily in Santo Domingo for procurement.

AVSI is participating in the following coordination clusters with the international community: protection, shelter and logistics.