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AVSI Social Report 2003 is Published and Wins Prestigious Award
Wednesday, 01 December 2004 00:00

For the second time, AVSI has produced a ground-breaking annual report that has been recognized as being more than your average annual report. The Social Report 2003 builds off of the success, and collaborative efforts, that went into the first Social Report produced in 2002.

As recognized by AVSI’s president, Arturo Alberti, in the foreword, the Social Report has as its aim “to confirm and strengthen our interest in transparent communication of the results of our activities, and to promote a constructive engagement with all of our stakeholders.” Beyond this objective of more fluid communication, Mr. Alberti recognizes that the report also represents greater consciousness of the AVSI method and the impact being had on the improvement of the quality of life of thousands of beneficiaries throughout the world. The report also reflects a challenge facing AVSI; to effectively register and convey, through indicators and words, the various processes set in motion by AVSI initiatives and the growth in responsibility and awareness of the children, adolescents and adults who participate in the schools, training centers, foster homes, recreational programs, and distant support programs.

Not only a detailed overview of AVSI’s presence and activity in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the Social Report 2003 is also a masterpiece of design, featuring numerous photographs with exceptional power. The faces and expressions, together with the color and vividness of the scenes depicted, reveal those individuals and communities which give life and meaning to the statistics of program implementation and results.

The Social Report 2003 is a dramatic invitation to get to know Omalla Deogratias, a teenager in Uganda who has recently taken his entrance exam for university admissions and has written to his distant supporter of nine years, thanking him for having the possibility of remaining in school and achieving his dreams and potential. Omalla’s story reflects the fact that AVSI’s “beneficiaries” are more than just numbers or a target group; each individual who is welcomed into one of AVSI’s programs is looked at as an unrepeatable person with aspirations of the infinite and in need of relationship.

AVSI had the grand occasion of receiving a prestigious award that recognized the Social Report 2003 for all that it is: an expression of beauty and truth conveyed through an association of individuals serving the needs and reawakening the humanity of the disadvantaged around the world. On the 50th anniversary of the “Annual Report Oscar,” AVSI was presented with the highest honor in the category of non-profit organizations. Sponsored by the Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana (FERPI) and the Italian government, the Annual Report Oscar has aimed to promote a high level of quality and transparency in financial communication of institutions, associations and businesses in Italy. The award was presented to AVSI President, Arturo Alberti, at a gala dinner and award ceremony on the evening of December 1. The event, which took place at the Italian stock exchange, featured a keynote address by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prize in Economics, 2001.

To receive the full Social Report 2003 electronically, please contact us.