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Update on Tsunami Relief Fund
Thursday, 19 May 2005 00:00

Tsunami Relief Funds collected by AVSI-USA


In generous response to the December disasters that impact the lives and well-being of thousands of people in South East Asia, the supporters and friends of AVSI-USA contributed significant resources to the reconstruction effort, joining other NGOs in the AVSI network including CESAL, AVAID and AVSI Uganda. After numerous field-visits and conversations with local partners in Thailand and Sri Lanka, AVSI has decided to implement four projects. AVSI-USA has chosen to direct the support from our friends in the United States to support a project in Thailand.

Of the total cost of $130,000, AVSI-USA will contribute over $12,000. The project, Emergency Aid and Support to the Populations of the Villages of Surat Thani, Southern Thailand, will support the children of the 440 families in this region whose lives have been marked by poverty and vulnerability. Dependent on seasonal agriculture, these families have had minimal opportunities for quality education and economic opportunities are scarce. The average income of 150 Bath per month, or about three dollars, is absolutely insufficient for the average six-person family. The government school system is weak and suffers from poor teacher preparation and motivation, as well as inadequate supplies. AVSI’s project, to be implemented by a local organization, aims to foster the human and educational development of these children, offering them the chance to attend a private school in Somwang for the six-years of the compulsory educational cycle. Additional educational and recreational activities, including a month-long summer enrichment camp, will complement the schooling and help the children and their families to resume and enjoy a normal life. Through this project, AVSI hopes to enhance the mental and physical growth of these children while also strengthening family cohesion.

AVSI will partner with the Salesian Sisters who live and work in the Surat Thani Diocese, covering a total of six regions in South-West Thailand, and who have been engaged since the Tsunami disaster in setting-up aid centers, camps and later homes for those left homeless.


The other projects to be supported by AVSI include:

•Community support project in Takua Pa region in the South-Western region of Thailand. In collaboration with the Salesian Sisters, this project will provide for the building of new homes, provision of new boats, wells, and a new power generator, in order to assist the communities in regaining a dignified life. The project will also support children’s education and will include vocational training courses for adults.

•Vocational training program in Krabi, in the region of Takua Pa. In collaboration with the Krabi Technical College, a vocational training school with some 200 students, AVSI will provide for the rehabilitation of the damaged school buildings and the construction of a technical laboratory.

•Educational support for disabled children and adults in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, through the construction of a center for disabled children. In Jaffna, a region affected by presence and activity of the Tamil guerillas, AVSI will support the renovation of four day care centers.