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Wealth of Compassion Comes Full Circle: New Orleans Residents Return the Goodwill to Uganda
Monday, 12 December 2005 00:00

On Thanksgiving day across New Orleans and its surrounding area, people woke up to see a "glimmer of hope and goodness" in a newspaper full of the harshness of life post-hurricane season. Thanks to journalist Bruce Nolan of the Times-Picayune newspaper, AVSI-USA was able to share the incredible story of the women of the Kireka slum in Kampala who responded with loving energy to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast of the US, miles and miles away.

Moved that these women who have so little from a material point of view were capable of such a gesture, led Nolan to give his article the title "A Wealth of Compassion." Indeed, the numerous people who contacted us at AVSI-USA spoke about how humbled and moved they were to see such wealth pouring out from a place we often condemn as destitute.

Just as the Ugandan women at Meeting Point International in Kampala couldn't sit still in front of the hurricane's devastation, many New Orleans residents find that they can't sit still in front of the women's response. We first of all thank all of the people who allowed their hearts to be moved by Nolan's story and who picked up the phone or sat down at the computer to get in touch with us. We have conveyed your gratitude to the women in Uganda already and will continue to facilitate the relationship in the future.

Monetary donations generated by these events will be channeled to Meeting Point International to replenish a revolving fund for income generating activities undertaken by the women members, most of whom are living with HIV/AIDS. Donations and correspondence can be sent to AVSI-USA.

If interested, please visit the new "Hurricane Katrina Relief Resource Center" for more information, articles, and details on how to help.