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Presentation at the IADB: Utilizing Technology to Support Small Businesses in Argentina
Thursday, 29 June 2006 00:00

From June 12 to the 14th, representatives from AVSI-USA and from the Asociación Cultural para el Desarollo Integral (ACDI), a partner organization located in Santa Fe, Argentina, spent a number of very interesting and productive days at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Washington, DC.


The occasion was a conference entitled “Building Opportunities for the Majority” and the overlapping Technological Fair which hosted over twenty exhibitors from the Latin American region presenting initiatives that use technology to expand opportunities for economic and human development. ACDI was invited to participate in the conference and prepare an exhibit of the project, financed in part by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) at the IADB. is a traceability program to support small cattle-raisers in Argentina using sophisticated technology and information services. The program’s overall objective is to strengthen stockbreeder’s competitiveness in the international market and to comply with the laws of product traceability required by those markets. The program has developed a technical innovation of a central database with remote management of information and cattle electronic identification. Cattle-raisers enter data on each animal at every stage of their growth, treatment and transportation using hand-held portable devices. The database now tracks over 70,000 head of cattle and serves the needs of some 70 small cattle-raisers as well as the different industrial partners that are linked to the producers through a more integrated supply chain.


ACDI sent a team of four to attend the events at the IADB and to make the presentation on which was held on Tuesday, June 13th. The group included the president of ACDI, two agronomists in charge of the program, and the AVSI representative in Argentina. The visit was considered a success because of the contacts it generated and the opportunities to discuss at length, both within the ACDI-AVSI team and with others at the IADB, the successes, challenges and prospects for the future of this innovative and highly successful project.


More description of the program and ACDI can be found in the most recent edition of AVSI-USA News.