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Landmines and ERW: Still a Threat for the Acholi
Thursday, 20 July 2006 00:00

The launch of AVSI Landmines/ERW Victims Survey Report in Gulu reveals the steady impact of mines in the Northern Uganda community

For 20 years, armed conflict has persisted in the Acholi region of Northern Uganda. The use of mine contamination and explosive remnants of war (ERW) continues to threaten the civilian population today, even if these devices are no longer actively being planted.  The problem of these land mines has been difficult to address, as there is little information about their quantity or location.  Although the mines and ERW are not the main threats in the Acholi region, they are harmful and perilous, affecting the daily lives of those in the area.  To collect more information and knowledge about this problem, AVSI has completed the “Landmine/ ERW Victims’ Survey in Gulu District” Through this research, it has become apparent that many incidences have impacted those traveling by foot, and landmines are accountable for a majority of the deaths of mine/ERW victims.  in which detailed reports about the victims and incidences of the mines and ERW were gathered.

AVSI is well known in the northern region of Uganda for its commitment to Mine Action and in support of people with disabilities through the Gulu Regional Orthopedic Workshop and other interventions (income generating activities, vocational training, and psychosocial support).  AVSI has developed a series of educational materials and manuals now used for Mine Risk Education among school-aged children. This survey is the first of its kind in Gulu district and is another important step taken by AVSI in this sector.

AVSI-USA became directly involved in supporting this work in Gulu in 2005. Contacted by a Canadian humanitarian foundation, Grapes for Humanity, AVSI-USA coordinated the preparation of a proposal to rehabilitate the clinic and extend its services to a larger segment of the population. AVSI-USA was awarded a $50,000 at the end of 2005. As the implementer, AVSI Uganda has had great success with the project activities and will complete implementation in August 2006.


The complete report can be downloaded by visiting Relief Web:


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