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Emergency in Lebanon: Field Update
Wednesday, 09 August 2006 00:00

AVSI staff is now present in Lebanon in the Jounieh office and at work assessing the situation and coordinating with partners and donors. An AVSI staff person with extensive experience in emergency assistance and coordination has been incorporated into the Lebanon team and is guiding the team’s emergency preparedness and planning efforts. Basic amenities such as a supply of gas, connections to TV and radio, and plans for a surprise evacuation are being monitored on a daily basis. As the UN and the national governments debate a possible cease-fire, daily life in Lebanon continues to be extremely tense.

The Lebanon emergency team has begun a rapid assessment of the affected regions in order to gauge the depth and types of need of the displaced populations, with a focus on the areas of Zghorta, Tripoli, Minieh. Close communication is being had with local partner organizations Caritas Lebanon and the Rene Mawoud Foundation.

AVSI’s priority is to safely assess the situation on the ground in order to channel assistance in an effective manner to those in greatest need, while always taking into consideration all of the needs of the victims, including the psycho-social needs resulting from the most recent trauma.

Please see AVSI's Appeal for the Middle East Crisis for more information on how to help.