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Annual Campaign 2011 - Egypt | Print |

What: “Support to Catholic Coptic Patriarchate Schools and Teacher Training”

Where: Alexandria and Minya, Egypt

How: Teacher training is altone of the main activities, carried out through courses whose aim is to deepen the consciousness of the educational role played by the teacher towards students who are “at-risk” in primary school. In addition, the courses are meant to strengthen the knowledge of the different stages in children development, with a particular focus on the relationships with adults, family, school and the outside world.

When: 2011-2012

Why: To facilitate personal growth and social reintegration of children and youth who are experiencing difficult situations

More information:

Based on the request of the Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, Antonios Naguib, funds will be used to support the schools operated under the Patriarchate in both Alexandria and in Minya, a city which is about 150 miles (250 km) south of Cairo.

These schools are fundamental in favoring peace and respect among religions, as well as the development of the Egyptian people.

Quote on development in Egypt from Cardinal Naguib:

“I believe there is a real chance to initiate a process which will gradually lead Egypt to take its own position among the modern countries. A civil and democratic country based on laws, where the freedom of everyone is respected and where relationships between people are regulated on the basis of shared and common citizenship, with equal rights and equal obligations for all.”