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Previous local initiatives to support AVSI in the U.S.

Lemonade Stand in Boston 2011 - On a sunny Saturday afternoon, bike-riders, walkers and in-line skaters cruising the Minuteman Bikeway found a refreshing stop near Lexington Center, northeast of Boston. A lemonade stand that was the initiative of Anna and Michele Caggioni, with a little help from their parents Alessandra and Francesco, gave passersby not only a cool drink, but also a chance to share in the young people’s enthusiasm to help the work AVSI is doing around the world. Those who stopped were full of questions about AVSI’s projects, and even the hosts went home having learned something new. Proceeds were given to AVSI-USA.

Christmas 2010 in Houston - a group of friends of AVSI from Houston, Texas, sponsored a benefit dinner to raise funds for Crecemos-DIJO in Oaxaca, Mexico to express their solidarity with the children and families. The dinner was a great success, featuring a silent auction and performance of a Christmas play by a group of children. The event was an important moment for the kids who had the chance to give of themselves and therefore reflect actively on the greatest Gift of all which was celebrated at Christmas.

altPasta for Haiti 2010 - When the disastrous 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti in January, 2010, many of us asked ourselves “what can I do to do help?”  Stefano and Sarah Ferrari—owners and managers of LIFeSTYLE Living Italian Food and Style in downtown Bedford, Pennsylvania—initiated “Pasta for Haiti,” a ravioli fundraiser. Their plan was to make the ravioli and sell them, donating all of their profits to benefit the victims of the tragedy in Haiti.  Inspired by their initiative, the community rallied around them; more than 50 volunteers signed up to help make the ravioli and local businesses in Bedford joined the effort, donating meat and eggs for the ravioli filling and lunches for the volunteers

Relief for Hurricane Katrina-This relief campaign has sparked a number of public statements and fundraising events which reflect the provocation of individuals and groups who have begun from their personal experience, rather than an ideology, and have been moved to action. In the US, there has been a bake sale in high schools in Brooklyn, New York, and in Washington, DC, meetings held in parishes in Pasadena, California, a concert with local bands in Manhattan and a dinner, “The Taste of New Orleans” held in Crosby, Minnesota, all to raise money for the Katrina victims.