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Fueling Energy Efficiency, Improved Health in Maputo, Mozambique


In the capital city of Mozambique, nearly 85% of the 1.1 million residents still use wood fires and other inefficient means to cook meals. Especially in the crowded lodgings of the 800,000 inhabitants of Maputo living in extreme poverty, this means daily exposure to toxic fumes which cause damage both to their health and to the environment.

AVSI, in collaboration with the City of Maputo, is seeking to remedy the situation by promoting alternatives for greater energy efficiency in two of the largest informal areas in the city, Chamanculo and Xipamanine. By the end of the project, 15,000 energy conserving stoves with low environmental impact will replace the kitchen fires of 7,500 families, spreadingMozambique-map-cham-xip196x190 a safer and more responsible use of energy and a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

On July 14, Mayor David Simango distributed the first round of stoves while visiting Chamanculo C, a neighborhood AVSI is familiar with thanks to over 10 years of activities to promote education. The distribution marked a milestone in a process that began over a year ago with stakeholder meetings to foster collaboration among local authorities and the communities, assessments to identify the needs of the families and to design a mechanism so that they contribute to the cost of the new stove. Awareness and education campaigns on the best cooking techniques to take advantage of the new stoves will continue throughout the process of distribution and 3-5 years of follow-up.

The use of the stoves will reduce carbon emissions by 80% and save families around 190 dollars a year in reduced spending for cooking fuel. It will also have great health benefits, considering that, on a global level, more deaths are caused by toxic fume consumption than either malaria or tuberculosis.

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