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By the numbers: AVSI in Haiti since January 2010

AVSI in Haiti over the last 3 years:

In the island country that has been hit hard by crises, it is often easy to focus on what is still missing. We'd like to focus on some facts and faces to give evidence of what has been growing since the earthquake hit in 2010:

Haiti after three years art 190x253


- 40,000 individuals provided with basic and emergency needs in 2010 (tents, food, water, clothing, school for children and nutrition-health centers)


- 16 new structures built: 9 schools, 5 nutritional centers and an educational resource center; 3 artisan workshops, and a community restaurant, studios


- 1 aqueduct restored to provide safe drinking water to 10,000 people


- 12 nutrition centers operating, 7 in the capital city and 5 in Les Cayes, serving 15,000 malnourished children under the age of 5, pregnant and nursing mothers


- 1,500 children supported to attend school in around 100 local public and private schools


- 40,000 children have received school supply kits (notebooks, textbooks, backpack)Haiti after three years bead martissant 190x253


- 2,000 farmers have received training, technical assistance and material inputs (tools, seeds)


- 300 students at the School of Agriculture at University of Notre Dame of Haiti (UNDH) in Les Cayes have benefitted from an operational experimental farm and agricultural small business to gain practical experience.


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