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AVSI-USA seeking Business and M&E Consultants for Uganda education project

AVSI-USA is accepting applications for a Business Consultant and a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant with a backgroud in education for a project focused on the organizational strengthening and positioning of the Permanent Center for Education in the local and regional context, funded by a private, U.S. based donor over the period of January 2013 to December 2014. The project will be managed by AVSI‐USA, based in Washington, DC, and implemented by the PCE in Kampala, Uganda.


Closing date December 31, 2012

Terms of Reference – Consultancy on Business Planning for Social Enterprise in Uganda

Terms of Reference – Consultancy on Monitoring & Evaluation of Education for Development

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Overall long term goal of the PCE: the vision of the PCE is to contribute to human development through education, specifically through the delivery of course and seminars that help teachers, head teachers, social workers, medical staff and other professions to better understand their educational role, starting from a deep comprehension of the inborn, infinite value of each and every human being. In this way, the educational sector of Uganda and elsewhere will be strengthened since its core function of promoting the healthy, integral development of youth and communities will be restored through schools which embrace a more comprehensive approach sparked by the PCE’s intervention. Within 2‐5 years, the PCE hopes to become a recognized, tertiary educational institution with a sound foundation for financial and operational self‐sustainability and the capacity to meet the demand for its services in Uganda and within the East Africa region with a portfolio that is in‐line with the PCE’s vision and identity.


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