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AVSI-USA receives grant to strengthen Permanent Center for Education

PCE grant awarded 2013-2014AVSI-USA has just been awarded a grant from a private U.S. donor for a two-year project (2013-2014) dedicated to “Organizational Strengthening and Positioning of the Permanent Centre for Education (PCE)” in Kampala, Uganda. The award recognizes the value of the PCE as an innovative hub of resources, based locally in Uganda and reaching out beyond Uganda’s borders, to address the deficiencies in the educational environment common to much of Sub-Saharan Africa including gaps in quality, accountability and efficiency of teaching, learning and school management.

The framework and budget of this project will allow the PCE to continue along the path of organizational strengthening and positioning so as to continue to serve as an affordable, effective service provider well into the future and to contribute to human development and protection of children though education.

The specific goal of the project is for the PCE to become a recognized, tertiary educational institution with a sound foundation for financial and operational self-sustainability and the capacity to generate and meet the demand for its services in Uganda and within the East Africa region with a portfolio that is in-line with PCE’s vision and identity.

Highlight on PCE:

PCE grant awarded training sessionThe Permanent Center for Education is a local organization based in Kampala, Uganda, which has been offering teacher training and professional development to schools in Uganda, and throughout the east Africa region and beyond, for more than 5 years. PCE is a close implementing partner with AVSI in Uganda. The approach of the PCE is to offer a committed return to the core substance of education, including valuing the role of the educator, the value of education for an individual’s growth, and the important role of parents in the process.


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