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Police strike leads to violence, forces pause in AVSI activites in Salvador, Brazil
Friday, 10 February 2012 19:12

altA police strike in Salvador, the capital city of Bahia state in Brazil, has jeopardized the safety of the city over the last 10 days. To date, 120 deaths have been reported, as well as hundreds of cases of abduction or theft. Especially in informal areas, the lack of police presence left many stores open to being looted.

In this context of violence, AVSI and its partners in the area, including the John Paul II nursery school and childcare center, were forced to suspend many activities. Educational centers, schools, stores and many businesses have been closed. Many have been killed in area of Novos Alagados, the center of many AVSI urban upgrading and community development activities, causing the neighborhood to live in a climate of fear, especially after the sun sets each day.

After 10 days, the police officers on strike have left their occupation of the Bahia Parliament, although a final negotiation and details of their resumed patrol over the city remains unclear.

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