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Tri-lateral urban upgrading project opened in Maputo, Mozambique
Monday, 28 November 2011 16:42

altWith the cutting of the ribbon on November 9, 2011, the mayor of Maputo, David Simango inaugurated a new multi-use center and marked a milestone in the beginning of a tri-lateral urban upgrading project in Mozambique under the partnership of AVSI with the Italian Cooperation, the Brazilian Agency for Cooperation, the City of Maputo, and Cities Alliance.

The project, “Tri-lateral Technical Cooperation: support to the requalification of the Nhlamankulu C neighborhood in the framework of the global strategy to reorganize and urbanize informal settlements in the City of Maputo,” has the goal of improving the quality of life for the residents of Nhlamankulu C, an informal settlement within the city of Maputo, through the necessary research and implementation of urban upgrading projects. In helping the settlements move toward formalization, great attention is paid to acknowledge and build on existing social capital and to promote professional formation to ensure greater efficiency and efficacy in planning and managing the urban area.

AVSI’s involvement in the project consists of activities integrating social development of the community and the strengthening of local associations that provide basic services to those living in the neighborhoods. The model for these activities benefits from years of experience over the last 20 years in Brazil, in particular through the Technical and Social Assistance Program in Ribeira Azul neighborhood of Salvador, the capital of Bahia State.

Along with maturity of experience in the sector of urban upgrading, AVSI brings the asset of familiarity with the context and community. AVSI local partner Khandlelo has worked in Xipamanine neighborhood of Nhlamankulu, Maputo since the 1990s, helping over 1,400 young people and establishing socio-educational centers, the latest of which was inaugurated in April 2011.

The inauguration of the center, located in the Chamanculo C section of Nhlamankulu district in Maputo, coincided with festivities for the city’s anniversary. In addition to the mayor, other participants attending the ceremony included AVSI permanent representative in Mozambique Alessandro Galimberti, Cities Aliance Program Manager William Cobbet, representatives from UN Habitat, and others.

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