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AVSI General Secretary and Cor Unum President Speak on Development at Rimini Meeting
Friday, 02 September 2011 14:14

Part of AVSI Foundation’s involvement at the week-long cultural event the 32nd annual Meeting of Rimini, was a meeting on the topic of Volunteer Work and Development Friday, August 26, held by AVSI General Secretary Alberto Piatti and Cardinal Robert Sarah, President of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum,” the organization that coordinates the charitable and emergency relief activities of the Catholic Church and the Holy See.

Cardinal Sarah, who is from the Republic of Guinea, spoke of a need for a new understanding of what international assistance and volunteering is. He said “It is only by beginning to give of one’s free time in an integral gesture of freedom that sharing the needs of others can become a permanent mentality and conviction.”


You can hear pieces of Piatti and Sarah’s comments to the crowded auditorium with the links below:

-Watch the full video of the talk in English on MeetingTV.

-Watch the news brief for August 26 from TgMeeting, which gives highlights of the talk with background footage from AVSI projects in several countries (begins at minute 1:34).