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Haiti Update: 18 Months After the Earthquake, Still Building for the Future
Monday, 22 August 2011 20:18

Chez Billy restaurant in Cite SolielMore than 18 months after the earthquake that shook Haiti, AVSI country representative Fiammetta Cappellini gives an update on the work of rebuilding and preparing for the beginning of the school year in September. Her letter,  published on, expresses the hope of seeing a people who are working not to forget, but to build on even the negative experience of the destruction of their fragile neighborhoods; she speaks of AVSI's work alongside Haitians, which is made possible by the generosity of many friends near and far.

Hope is seen the success of initiatives begun with the support of AVSI, which now grow as the local people invest more and more of their creativity and effort. Eight new schools have been built and are being furnished, two are in the middle of construction, and three more are in planning phases, while another school was completely renovated. Four nutrition centers first formed as an emergency response seem to have become fixtures, and these—along with a Cité Soliel restaurant "Chez Billy" opened August 15, 2011, to offer meals for those working in the centers and artisan workshops that meet standards of both sanitation and aesthetics in the clean, colorful setting—also help in the recent fight against cholera. In October, a new center for psychosocial support will be inaugurated.

Fiametta writes "Thus, we are preparing for September, for this new beginning, which is also the culmination of our long trip together. In September, in Haiti, school bells will ring for many, many children thanks to the support of friends and many people who, anonymously and out of the spotlight and beyondthe controversies, allowed for all this to happen. To all of these friends, thanks you from the Haitians, who look to the future with the renewed trust that your friendship permits."


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