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Solidarity in Kenya: Cardinal Otunga Students Collect Food for Refugees
Monday, 15 August 2011 13:46

In the midst of a crisis such as the drought in East Africa, a great opportunity arises for men and women around the world to recognize their own need in the hungry or distressed faces of brothers and sisters far, or not so far, away. In the last month, we have seen generosity take the form of aid and in the availability to help those suffering from famine, with help arriving from other continents and from fellow Africans, including from other places in Kenya where AVSI is at work.

Abby Holtz, AVSI summer intern at the Cardinal Otunga High School (which serves students from outlying areas of Nairobi ranging from those with middle income to those in poverty), tells the story of how a food collection began with the question of one student. The food will be delivered directly to Dadaab Camp, Northern Kenya.

Abby writes: I was really struck by one of my students, who while surfing the internet came across some pictures of people dying from starvation. He said to himself, These people are just over the border, and dying of hunger, and here I am, with food to eat. What can I do? He said at first he thought, “Nothing, God can take care of them.” But he was still bothered with the question, “isn’t there something I can do?” He’s a high school student, and so has limited access to food and funds. Still, the pictures remained in his head and so he talked to two of his friends about it at school the next day. They went together to the Deputy and asked if there was any way that the school could take up a collection of food and money to help those on the border in need.

We arranged it so that the Cardinal Otunga School will donate directly through AVSI to these refugees. All of this will happen because of this one student who took his present reality seriously and was moved in front of the basic human need of another. I want to have this same awareness.

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