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Recognition by UNICEF of AVSI's Education Programs in DR Congo

UNICEF has acknowledged the important, and difficult, work being carried out by AVSI in the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo to address the educational emergency in this conflict-striken region.


A short video documentary posted on UNICEF's webpage for DRC explains the challenges facing the displaced populations in eastern DRC with particular attention on the plight of children and youth. AVSI's efforts to improve the teaching and learning environments and the collaboration with UNICEF and other donors are highlighted.


In addition, UNICEF recently published a document, "Good Practices Handbook: education projects in North and South Kivu" which reviews key elements of AVSI's educational programs including mobile learning centers, psychosocial training for teachers and administrators, and an innovative pilot testing of vouchers for education. Interestingly, this handbook addresses head on the challenges faced by each program and related weaknesses, which is an important yet often overlooked way of learning from and building on previous experiences.


For more information on AVSI's work in DRC, visit the DRC country page.