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AVSI at Rimini Meeting - Energy and Encounters

Women of MPI (Uganda) at Rimini The XXXI Annual Rimini Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, one of the most attended cultural festivals in the world, took place from August 22 – 28, 2010 in Rimini, Italy. A wide range of speakers, presenters and performers from the worlds of politics, business, science, academics and the arts came together for a week of events at which they shared their personal and professional reflections on the theme, “That nature which pushes us to desire great things is the heart.”

At the Rimini Meeting, AVSI had an extensive and very lively booth where thousands of people not only learned about the work being done by AVSI around the world but encountered some of those protagonists.  The Ugandan women from Meeting Point International, as well as the young men also from the slums of Kampala generated palpable enthusiasm as they spoke of their lives, demonstrated their paper bead making, and performed song and dance. The sale of their beaded necklaces in Europe has already raised over $30,000 for the women’s latest project of building a secondary school for their children in the Kampala slums.  In addition, AVSI’s Country Representative for Haiti, Fiammetta Cappellini was also present at the meeting, having spoken during those days to an overflowing audience who she captivated with her stories and message of hope from Port-au-Prince.

A full report is coming soon!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 15:53