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Fiammetta Field Diary: February 4, 2010
Thursday, 04 February 2010 00:00

Continuing the diary of Fiammetta Cappellini, an AVSI representative in Haiti. Just twenty days after an earthquake struck Haiti and in particular the capital of Port-au-Prince, with hundreds of thousands of victims and the surviving population- who was already living in difficult conditions and extreme poverty - reduced to a state of further suffering. But looking closer, as Fiammetta has been able to relate in her letters, if you are not left deceived by the appearances of economic misery and destruction, you will discover in those who remain a tenacity and a love for life which has much to teach us.


Febrary 4, 2010

In the camps we work non-stop, but good will is not enough, because the disaster is too great.  It so happens that the circumstances show a flash of the good will that our minds never expect, little things which at other times would not have had great significance instead now become decisive, like unexpected help or the incredibly bad weather goes away...


Source: Il Sussidiario

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