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AVSI in Myanmar

Current and Recent Projects

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AVSI in Myanmar

In 2007 AVSI began to work in Southern Shan State and Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar implementing projects in support of education designed specifically to increase school enrolment in primary and secondary schools, reduce drop-out rates and improve the quality of educational services provided.  In 2008 AVSI’s programs extended into the food security and rural development sectors through its collaboration with the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP).  Working with the WFP in Southern Shan State-Pekhone Township in collaboration with its local partner KMSS-Phe Kone, AVSI aims to promote the goals of the WFP while developing programs in agricultural training, school rehabilitation, and water and sanitation (dam rehabilitation, implementation of water tanks and water systems in local communities).  Furthermore, AVSI works in Myaungmya and Labutta townships (Pathein District, Ayeyarwady Division) in collaboration with Myanmar’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MAS) implementing a food security and sustainable agricultural development project (2010-2012), which includes the founding of Farmers Field Schools in the region. In collaboration with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), AVSI extended these food security activities into Pyawbwe and Yamethin Townships (Mandalay Division).

Already familiar with the area, when cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, AVSI’s local staff in collaboration with local partners participated in the international emergency relief effort to help sustain the population affected by the cyclone by supporting communities of fishermen and farmers in Myaungmya Township, Pathein District, and Ayeyarwady Division.

In 2009, AVSI’s programs in South Shan State were commended by the Myanmar’s Ministry for Progress of the Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs (NATALA).  Through this recognition, NATALA committed to providing AVSI with the operation framework it needs to promote rural development in South Shan State.

AVSI maintains a national office in Yangon, with local coordinating offices in Myaungmya and Pyawbwe.

Current and Recent Projects

“Improvement of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture Development: Support to Crop Production Programme in Ayeyarwady”

Location: Labutta Township and 5 village tracts of Myaungmya Township, Ayeyarwady Division

Date: 2010-2013

Description: Ensure food and nutrition security, increase crop productivity, test and produce quality rice, potato and vegetable seeds, improve crop production technology, improve irrigation networks, increase community capacity to sustain agricultural system.  Provide food-crop packages in 48 villages numbering 850 households for a total of 3,800 people.  Provide farm machinery, gardening tools and fuel to 3000 marginalized farmers, along with horticultural packages to vulnerable rural households.  Provide training in natural compost methods and quality seed replication techniques.

Donor Partners: Private Donors, Lombardy Region of Italy, Government of Italy


“Food Security and Water Availability in Mandalay Division”

Location: Pyawbwe and Yamethin Townships (Mandalay Division) in Central Dry Zone

Date: 2011-2012

Description: (a) increase water harvesting and soil conservation; (b) develop crop intensification and crop diversification; (c) increase availability of quality seeds; (d) improve household food security; (e) strengthen capacities of rural households and CBOs of the areas. In Nyaung Shwe village of Pyabwe, drilling of new tube wells to be managed by village Water User Group, in accordance with the two-year extension of the MOU signed with MAS(MOAI).


“Support to special rice production (GCP/MYA/011/ITA)”

Location: 5 townships in Central Dry Zone

Date: 2010-2011

Description: Establishment of FFS (Farmers Field Schools), seed multiplication and inputs distribution to beneficiaries. Project within the framework of the FAO program “Environmentally Sustainable Food Security Program.”

PHASE II: Activities of Phase I will continue through 2011, with the addition of the development of 37 shallow tube wells and establishment/strengthening of Water User Groups (WUGs).

Donor Partners: FAO


Educational Activities

Location: Taunggyi District, Southern Shan State

Date: 2008 - Present

Description: Support educational activities involving about 1,200 children. Facilitate access to schools by supporting payment of school fees, train teachers, rehabilitate and construct educational facilities.


Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation

Location: Phe Kone Township, Southern Shan State

Duration: 2008 - 2010

Description: Promote the goals of the WFP while developing programs in agricultural training, school rehabilitation, and water and sanitation (dam rehabilitation, implementation of water tanks and water systems in local communities).  Provide 750 MT of food in Phe Kone Township benefiting over 28,500 people. Build capacity of local partner.

Donor Partners: World Food Program

Implementing Partners: KMSS-Phe Kone


Emergency Relief: Response to Nargis Cyclone

Location: Myaungmya Township, Pathein District, Ayeyarwady Division

Duration: 2008-2010

Description: Support training courses for youth in target areas; support educational costs of vulnerable children to facilitate school access; capacity building activities. Construction of two hostels for orphaned or poor children of nearby villages; rehabilitation of four hostels for students of local schools; income generating activities for farmers of the communities. In 2008 provided one doctor and two nurses to assist in emergency relief and medical care in MWE Hauk village; provided emergency non-food items; constructed 25 houses; repaired damaged wells.

Implementing Partner: Ayeyarwady Homeland

Additional Information

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