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The following programs are associated with Asia:


Agriculture and Environment

  • The establishment of sustainable support centers or cooperatives by farmers and cattle raisers to provide training and technical assistance and to improve marketing and reduce production costs. Myanmar




Education, Child Development, & Family Support


  • Educational support for children in distressed conditions, with limited access to school, and those at risk of dropping out of school.

    Kazakhstan, Myanmar


  • Foster/ host families and community daycare centers for abandoned and street children, children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and conflict, war-traumatized children and other at-risk children.

  • Support and social integration for young, single mothers.


Emergency Assistance

  • Short-term interventions which often grow into projects of disaster preparedness and prevention capacity.



Health Care and Prevention

  • Comprehensive care for people living with HIV/AIDS, including orphans and their families, and social rehabilitation for these and other marginalized groups.


  • Strengthening basic health services through increased provision, accessibility and prevention, including rehabilitation of existing hospitals and other health-related facilities.


  • Support for district health systems services through functional reorganization of services and human capacity building (training and re-qualification of medical staff).


Vocational Training and Business Development

  • Assistance for new and small businesses through micro credit, technical assistance.



  • Creation and support of vocational training centers for basic skills training, technical qualification and upgrading (for physiotherapists, farmers, etc), internships with businesses, on-the-job training, post-graduation and specialization courses and refresher courses for trainees.