Agriculture, Food Security & Water

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Nourishing people; feeding hope


In the face of the global crisis of food security, AVSI has recognized that only a comprehensive perspective linking agriculture, water and nutrition interventions can begin to offer long-terms solutions for communities.


We put an emphasis on educational aspects of these interventions, addressing the lack of technical knowledge or resources through training, helping to increasing agricultural productivity and value chains, but also responding to the need for a kind of ‘social’ education, for example helping caretakers in distressed situations be reawakened in their care for the proper nutrition of their children, or favoring initiatives to form networks and associations of local agriculture or livestock producers.


A.  Promote access to safe drinking water through improved access points and supply networks, capacity building for local water management, development of differentiated user fees and cost recovery systems.

Haiti, Lebanon, RwandaSouth Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda


B.   Increasing food security through agricultural and livestock production investments, supporting local farmers and cattle raisers, training for youth and through Farmer Field Schools, providing inputs to vulnerable households, and technical assistance to cooperatives and networks of producers to improve quality, returns, links to markets and value chains.

Argentina, Haiti, Burundi, KenyaKosovo, Lebanon, Myanmar, Peru, Uganda


C.  Integrated food security and nutrition programs to better understand the root causes of under nutrition, and educate on proper nutrition, taking advantage of locally-cultivated high-nutrition foods.

Brazil, Burundi, Haiti, Mexico, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda

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AVSI Resources related to Agriculture and Environment

  • Education and Employment in Rural Development: Practices from Six Countries (Itascabili 4)
    This booklet, published in English, Italian and Spanish, offers an outline of the historical and current global challenges to achieve freedom from hunger and malnutrition and presents the method and the contents of AVSI practices from 6 countries as examples of an integrated approach to face these challenges promoting rural development through education and employment.

  • Fount of Coexistence (Video) Details on an AVSI water project in collaboration with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) in Marayoun, Lebanon.