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AVSI in Nigeria

Current and Recent Projects

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AVSI in Nigeria

AVSI has worked in the Lagos State of Nigeria since 1988 supporting the provision of primary health care services, with special attention to the less privileged and the under-served, and promoting the holistic education of children and youth primarily through capacity building of educational institutions. In recent years, AVSI has also expanded its programs to areas of  Jalingo (Taraba State). AVSI’s work in Nigeria is characterized by commitment to long-term accompaniment of development projects implemented through respected, capable community organizations.

AVSI’s programs in the health sector are extensive, and it is positioned as both a capacity builder and a direct service provider.  In the early 1990’s AVSI built and started the operations of two primary healthcare centers (PHC), the St. Kizito PHC Clinic in Ilasan, Eti-Osa Local Government (LGA) and a second branch in Idi-Araba Mushin (LGA).  AVSI conceived the St. Kizito PHC Clinic in Ilasan not as a mere provider of standard good-quality and low-price services to the sick in its premises, but as a very community based health center to promote and take charge of the health status of about 50,000 people.  The typical day-to-day operations of the out-patient PHC consisting of service including general consultations and treatment, laboratory tests, immunization, essential drugs provision, maternal and child care, care of AIDS patients, minor surgery, nutritional rehabilitation, etc and are complemented by school health services, home-visits, social events, seminars for women groups, and general and focused educational training programs for capacity building for State and LGA levels and out-reach initiatives.

Since 1997 AVSI has partnered with The Seed, a local institution and member of the AVSI Network, to carry out projects in the education sector.  The Seed specializes in school management and teacher support, and together with AVSI and international donors, it has established and currently operates two schools; the St. Peter and Paul School and the St. John School.

Since the 1990’s, AVSI-Nigeria has implemented a series of training programs, awareness campaigns and peer education youth projects in secondary and higher education institutions.  It has promoted “preventing mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission” (PMTCT) projects at the grass root level and has created prenatal and postnatal care for mothers. In addition, AVSI has established Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing (VCCT) centers, support groups, IGA opportunities for indigent women, and a satellite TB/HIV test clinic. AVSI-Nigeria is caring for OVC and malnourished children with a nutrition centre and the distant support program, a form of solidarity with private donors that channels fund to care for about 1,200 disadvantaged children. Furthermore, AVSI-Nigeria has networked with local NGOs, private and mission hospitals and clinics, primarily in the greater Lagos region, in order to improve the capacity of human resources and to improve the overall quality of the health care and referral system. In 2005, AVSI-Nigeria partnered with Catholic Relief Services to offer training on PMTCT for over 300 health professionals. In 2006, St. Kizito Clinic was awarded a grant from Chevron Nigeria to upgrade TB services. In 2007, AVSI-Nigeria received a sub-grant from Hope Worldwide to implement educational support to OVC within the scope of a USAID/PEPFAR (U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) funded OVC program.

AVSI’s permanent personnel consists of 4 foreign staff and 45 local persons in health care, 70 in education, and about 60 youth volunteers. In addition to established links with program partners, AVSI enjoys the confidence of and fruitful cooperation with government bodies, CSOs and international agencies including NACA, Lagos State AIDS Control Agency, NIMR, ICH&PC of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Ministry of Health PHC Agency, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Health training institutions, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, CRS Nigeria, and Hope Worldwide.

Current and Recent Projects


St.Kizito Clinic 1

Location: Ilasan, Eti-Osa Local Government (LGA), Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State

Date: 1989-Present

Description: Primary healthcare clinic designed to provide comprehensive medical care, including particular attention to TB (as a TB DOTS center), VCT and PTMCT; provides training and internships for health care professionals and medical school students from Lagos University Teaching Hospital-LUTH, ICH & PC Institute of Child Health and Primary Care (department of Lagos University Teaching Hospital), SHTY, SPHN and Ikoyi; maintains nutrition center; has an average attendance of 300 patients per day; employs 65 local personnel

Donor Partners: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CRS, Chevron Oil Company

Implementing Partners: Lagos State Government, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos


St.Kizito Clinic 2

Location: Idi-Araba, Mushin, Lagos State

Date: 1993-Present

Description: Primary healthcare clinic designed to provide comprehensive medical care, including particular attention to TB (as a TB DOTS center), VCT and PTMCT; attends 50-100 patients per day, employs 15 local personnel

Donor Partners: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Implementing Partners: Lagos State Government, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos


St. Peter and Paul School

Location: Ikate Waterside, Lagos

Date: 2002-Present

Description: Preschool and elementary school serving almost 400 vulnerable children, mostly sons and daughters of local fishermen, in the village of Ikate Waterside.  Students also receive lunch and medical screening.

Donor Partners: European Union, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Implementing Partners: The Seed


St. John School

Location: Oreta (near Igbogbo Town), Ikorodu, Lagos State

Date: 2004 - Present

Description: Provide quality preschool and elementary school education to 400 students, mostly children of the Egun people, an ethnic minority removed from its native lands, that now lives in Ikorodu. Students receive regular medical screening.

Donor Partners: Private Donors

Implementing Partners: The Seed


Distance Support Program

Location: Lagos State, Taraba State

Date: 1988 - Present

Description: Long-term support to over 1,200 orphans and vulnerable children improving the conditions for psychosocial and academic progress, while strengthening the capacity of the children’s families, caretakers and local organizations to respond to their needs. Fulfillment of school requirements (uniforms, books, fees etc), organization of after school recreation and educational activities, and creating of programs designed to improve the economic status of the child’s family through training and support to parents.

Donor Partners: Private donors

Implementing Partners: The Seed, the Dominican School in Lagos, St. Monica School in Jalingo (Taraba State)


Construction of Health Clinic in St. John School

Location: Oreta (near Igbogbo Town), Ikorodu, Lagos State

Date: 2009-2010

Description: Provide access to basic health care for students of St. John School and for the surrounding community.

Major Donors: Private Donors


Additional Information

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